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Thursday, July 15, 2010

119. "Music for Evenings" by Young Marble Giants

I finally heard Young Marble Giants maybe three years ago, after frequently stumbling across them being cited as an influential and seminal group and almost always misunderstanding what that influence actually was. I initially got the impression they were somehow proto-grunge, and then that they were trip-hop precursors, and exactly neither of those ideas were even close to the mark. Nothing prepared me for the bewitching sparseness of the actual YMG; they really don't sound like anything else, and that almost restores, to the extent that it ever existed, my faith in the gatekeepers of musical hipsterism... it's amazing that this music was ever recognized as being quite as great as it is, and that its reputation has persevered, however warped the associations might have become.

I'd guess that the obvious approach to covering almost YMG song is to make it "bigger", since the original recordings suggest sketches to begin with. I don't think they're sketches at all... I think they'd pretty much fully arrived as they are. Nonetheless, my cover got bigger. I tried not to make it bigger in a stupid way, though. Well, stupidity does leak through in one area, but I'll leave that for you to discover on your own.

Personnel: Rex

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