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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

48. "Intro to..." performed by The Soft Boys

The answer to the titular cliffhanger, if you're curious, is "La Cherite".

The Soft Boys now tie with Macca for most-oft-covered honors here at 39-40, although one could argue that, counting solo tracks, Robyn Hitchcock is edging the cute Beatle out with three appearances. However, two of those covers, like this one, have been not of musical compositions but stage patter. Now, if you have to cover between-song banter, Hitchcock's is as good as anyone's, but the whole thing begs a digressive question...

People often remark that allegedly random things, including and often especially song shuffle features, often don't seem random at all, and playlists seem to frequently reflect a high incident of suspicious coincidences. Folks more conversant with higher math and probability have explained to me why this is, and that what we think of as "random" doesn't truly reflect the statistical reality of the thing. Such explanations have always seemed reasonable to me when I've heard them, but my ability to retain even the gist of them has proven massively fail. However, doesn't it seem a bit odd that:

-Out of 48 tracks The Machine has chosen for me, three have been attributed to Mr. Hitchcock Yes, one out of every 16.
-All three have been live performances. My live holdings aren't vast; I've never been a member on Dime or anything, and while I have a few RH shows, I have far more by other artists like The Fall, Neil Young, Television, Ms. Hersh etc.

Ain't it eerie?

Rex Broome ~ tuning
Robyn Hitchcock ~ vocal sample


  1. I dunno, but...WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BELOVED WEIRD-SHADE-OF-GREEN SCREEN? (Actually, if there were a way, it would be amusing to have the backdrop change with every post...selected at random, of course.)

  2. I got pissed off at the
    next to the pictures, and this was the only template that didn't give me that or some other kind of problem associated with wrapping or summat. Not an ideal solution, but...

    Seems stupid that I can't import my weird shade of green into any other template, but Blogspot is apparently better at developing business models than me, and since the market is always right, I must be wrong.