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Sunday, May 2, 2010

45. "Green Door" by The Cramps

As a song by The Cramps, "Green Door" isn't all that unusual. But as the #1 Hit Song of 1956, which, in its original version by Jim Lowe, it was, it's surprisingly bizarre. The most innocent interpretation of it is a self portrait of a perpetual loser unable to get in with the in-crowd, which is rather dark in itself, but the lyrics also lend themselves to all kinds of unsettling interpretations: drugs, weird sex parties, Masonic conspiracy theories, that kind of thing. But fifties radio, with which I've recently become somewhat preoccupied, is full of all kinds of weird surprises. Hell, I've got a recording rescued off of an ancient 1/4" tape of a song called "The Average Giraffe", about which I've been able to find out absolutely nothing, and it'll pull your cranium off sideways, with a swirl. And don't even get me started on 50's country... if there's a bad sounding recording of a bad song in that idiom, it's deep in witness protection or something.

Anyhow, what's really surprising is how, when you realize that your artwork for a Cramps parody LP sleeve is going to look totally crap if you can't put your name in a Cramps-like font, it takes about 45 seconds to locate and begin using a free Cramps font, called "Cramps font". You cannot, however, as easily find a Throwing Muses font, but that's a story for tomorrow.


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