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Sunday, May 30, 2010

73. "Medication" by Primal Scream

You'll either get this one instantly and entirely or not at all.

Again, there's a story as to how this happened, but I'm keeping it. I'm currently finding myself more often than not of the Dylan "a song is anything that walks around on its own" frame of mind. These songs have all been walking without my help for years. I am at best helping them across the street.

Primal Scream is a weird artist. In one sense I like them probably more than I should, but I also have more problems with them than I should with an artist I really like. The main issue is that their straight-up rock material usually strikes me as so banal and tossed-off as to suggest that they're not even made by the same folks who craft the great trippy dubby psyche-y stuff that they do so very well, never better than on Vanishing Point. And they're so good at crafting monster covers of songs that are so fantastic to begin with-- "Slip Inside This House", "Five Years Ahead of My Time", etc.-- that it's hard to imagine them being into the Black Crowes-sounding stuff themselves, but there it is.

Rex Broome ~ Noises.
Embodies a big whole chunk of a separate tune by Mr. Lewis Reid.

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