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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

55. "Poison Gorgeous" by Violet Indiana

Today, another graft-the-lyrics-onto-a-Rex-composition experiment, and the flipside in many ways to "Maxwell" from two days ago. That was a song whose lyrics were so recognizable that they'd define any piece of music matched to them. This song is so obscure that it almost doesn't matter-- they register as a new composition anyway. The bummer is that the lyrics aren't really that good... I'm actually quite pleased with the "real" lyrics to the musical piece I'm trotting out today, which is the demo for a Skates & Rays song called "Newberry Spectacle".

Violet Indiana is Robin Guthrie's post-Cocteau Twins band. It can't help but suffer in comparison, particularly since it's basically the same configuration except that the very singular Liz Fraser has been replaced by a less distinctive female vocalist. I'm the kind of person who actually likes some of these kinds of projects-- I dig some Crazy Horse records without Neil Young, love Echo & the Bunnymen's Reverberation record, and I was amazed and delighted to see the fake-ass Big Star blow Wilco off the stage a few years back-- but by the same token, I actually have listened to Squeeze by the Lou-less Velvet Underground, and I honestly don't remember a single thing about it. So why do I still have this Violet Indiana record? In case I turn out to be wrong, of course. Because it happens. A lot.

Personnel: Rex

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