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Friday, May 14, 2010

57. "Ring of Fire (Live)" by Johnny Cash

And so the Man in Black joins the 39-40 Two-Timers' Club.

See, what happened was, I got sick of the buzz in my mixer and decided I had the time to break out the MOTU digital mixer kindly leant to me by the illustrious Tom Heckman some years back, gambling on getting it up and running over the course of the day. I didn't, quite, but I came close enough to massage the resulting tracks into sounding okay despite my incompetence. In fact they're clear enough that I printed the resulting tracks completely dry here, which, while a goal dear to my heart, rarely happens in the end.

What to do with this song was a real conundrum, since it's not only been covered but also re-imagined many times over-- Carlene Carter's new wave, Wall of Voodoo's chilly synthscape, Social Distortion's punkabilly, etc-- but I reckoned that since this was a live version, time was tight, and I knew the song by heart without even listening to it (a first?) I'd just do it live; to add to the challenge I thought I'd play the harmonica live as well along with the vocal track. But it turns out my harmonica rack is missing a wingnut and won't stay in position. Otherwise, I did do it on the fly and present it warts and all. One odd thing that happens toward the end is that I accidentally end up singing part of the melody to The Kinks' "Johnny Thunder", which is, I suppose, an occupational hazard.

Rex Broome ~ Guitar, vocal, harmonica
Ridley Broome ~ Homework-related question

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