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Saturday, May 8, 2010

51. "Fetch the Water" by Minuteflag

So now the repeat artists are coming fast and furious. Sort of: Minuteflag was a collaboration between members of Black Flag and the previously covered Minutemen. And as with the Cramps, as a result of doing this song, I am now the proud owner of a font which looks like the Black Flag logo. If this bothers Greg Ginn, then he can release all those classic SST records in listenable digital editions and I'll totally stop being mean to him.

Doing this tune I focused on mic'ing my little percussion arsenal, but it was done pretty quickly and I'm not sure I learned much from it. And that highlights the conflict between two of my goals on 39-40: the one where I serve the song and the one where I learn stuff. If I spend time working out the treatment and arrangement of the song, I'm going to tend to record and play stuff the way I normally do because of time constraints. I'm thinking of ways to even that score somehow and may roll one out tomorrow. For now, I'd have to say Eden's vocal on the chorus makes this one worthwhile, and my attempts to keep up with Mike Watt on bass provide comedy relief.

Rex Broome ~ Everything except...
Eden Hain ~ Vocals on chorus

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