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Sunday, May 16, 2010

59. "Sow the Salt" by Steve Jansen

Funny that the artwork to this one should feature some kind of antiquated sound mixing device, since I am at this point reveling in the improved sonic clarity provided by Heckman's MOTU and all that it has done to improve these recordings.

This is number three in what I'd thought was going to be a four part series of me grafting other songs' lyrics onto my recent compositions, a sort of Kill Eight Birds with Four Stones Collection. But as I've been doing sound and mic checks and troubleshooting gear, I keep coming up with new song fragments and ideas; Eden and Miranda and Gen are all doing some amount of songwriting as well, so the house is on fire with musical creativity, and it's hard to tell how it will end. This one is another fairly ideal composition for the treatment, being minimal and sort of experimental to begin with. The lyrics were so sparse that I ended up featuring a lot more of the lead guitar noodling intended as fills and filigree when I mixed this. Also that guitar solo bit at the end is supposed to go on for seventeen hours, as you might guess, this clearly being "Rex Rewrites 'Danger Bird' Part 73 1/2", but I do have some restraint. Especially the day after the cat thing.

The real title of my song as it will eventually, hypothetically appear is "What You Don't Wish For".

Personnel: Rex

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