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Saturday, May 15, 2010

58. "Shots" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

What the hell? Okay, calm down. I can explain.

See, like, last night, I was putting the kids to bed, and Eden for some reason was humming the guitar solo from "Just What I Needed" in meows. Miranda somehow got to doing the rhythm guitar part the same way. Somehow it started to seem funny to do a 39-40 in this idiom, but only, really, if we decided that we were going to do it that way before we knew what the song in question actually was.

So it was Eden who actually pressed the randomizer button on the machine, leaving me to watch in horror as it selected the long-awaited first Neil Young tune of the project. And a nearly 8 minute one at that. After all this time, we were going to turn the Horse into a bunch of cats. Could we really do such a thing?

Look, doing this project requires a special type of discipline and self-accountability. If you don't hold yourself to the random part of it, you really have nothing. And, really, there are some catlike elements to Neil's lead guitar and, at least in his higher register, vocals.

There are some great alternate verses for this song on bootlegs of live shows, but I guess you'll have to go find them for yourself. Wouldn't do to have the cats singing in English. Many citizens of the internet hold that they can haz bad grammars anyway.

Overall, it could have been worse. It could have been the feline version of Aphex Twin's "Ventolin" or something.

Eden Hain: Meowing (riff, lead vocal)
Miranda Broome: Meowing (guitar solos)
Rex Broome: Meowing (other), percussion

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  1. I am, at this very moment, listening to this for a second time.

    What do I win?