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Friday, May 28, 2010

71. "The Sounds of Pain and Pleasure (Track 16)" by Tortura

The joke would be something along the lines of how inevitable it was that one of my many, many '60s bondage LPs would be selected by The Machine sooner rather than later. And if you're curious as to what the hell this is-- and I'd imagine you may well be-- it's this.

One weird, occasionally frustrating thing about using iTunes as my randomizer is that every time I refresh the iTunes DJ thing to see what my next assignment is, I get not just the one track I'll be doing but at least a look at the tracks after that in the playlist, which I won't be doing, and sometimes they seem irritatingly more inspiring than the actual selection. And then sometimes if I'm multitasking and one of my tasks is to listen to the assignment track, I'll space out and suddenly the next tune will come on before I hit pause. Such was the case with the William Conrad track I ended up using as a sample here... I was really surprised and entertained when the opening words came blasting through the headphones.

I almost ruined this track a million times, so I'm grateful that it's listenable at all. Going into it, I had in mind how so many of the audio collage entries have been largely devoid of melody... that's fine, of course, but I thought it would be fun to try to do a tuneful one. Somehow I remembered a demo of a sketch I'd recorded in my bedroom 22 years ago, which I'd later found on a cassette and retroactively entitled "Annoying Bouncy Song" for obvious reasons. It was never going to become a "real" song, but it seems kind of cool here.

Rex Broome ~ Everything except:
Derek Hanna ~ (Formerly) live drumming
William Conrad ~ Spoken word (from this LP)
Joe Aufricht ~ Vocal samples (from this... erm, thing)


  1. the link to the original just returns to this page rather than pointing at said mp3.

  2. M.R.: Yes, see, that's the torture of it. (Also, my CAPTCHA was "kingstr"...SO close to "kinkster"...)