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Monday, May 3, 2010

46. "Hazing" by Throwing Muses

This is as close to an "unfinished" 39-40 post as I have come thus far. Throwing Muses are an epic artist for me and I've done many, many Kristin Hersh covers... in the comfort of my own home. At least I can't recall ever doing one in public. I really wanted to do this one justice. And I really believed I knew the tune practically by heart.

And I do... sort of. Like most of Hersh's songs, this one has some structural oddities that feel organic and unforced; you're aware of them on a certain level and they tell you something about the song, as is their job. But what you don't realize is how many of them there are. I probably could have done an acoustic cover of this with little problem, but when putting together all the drum parts and therefore having to actually understand the structure, one might lose one's shit. There's a lot of counting, and recounting involved, and more than a few times when what you think you figured out on the first verse becomes much clearer on the second and you have to go back and reconstruct the first one accordingly. Maybe the next time I hit one of these I'll make streamlining it a goal (and conversely trick out a Ramones tune in prog-baroque drag (or not)), but it was a bit too late on this one. Also too late to finesse the drum parts the way I wanted to, and literally too late (by the clock and the kids' bedtime) to play the second guitar part through an amp. However, I did get a really nifty sound on the first guitar, mic'ing it, by pure luck, to sound like two different guitars, and that's useful.

Kristin, I love you and wish I could've done better by you. Next time.

Oh, the artwork joke is that the picture of me is literally me during my time in a University. In fact I am wearing my graduation gown. That was a while ago.

Personnel: Rex

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