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Thursday, May 6, 2010

49. "Lonesome for My Baby" by Andy Wilson

There are little things I've never gotten around to as a musician. Few of them are easy to explain; it's more that every once in a while I'll hear something on a recording, usually a guitar part, and think, dammit, I've never learned to do that. Case in point is this little country rhythm guitar boom-chicka-boom thing, a sort of muted strum that incorporates the "rockin' the fifth"-style bassline that drives a lot of country songs. I've never learned it because there are plenty of other ways to play country rhythm guitar that'll work just as well, and I'm actually pretty nimble with the fills and runs in a few of 'em. But what, really, is the point of this whole exercise if not to pick up a trick or two? So here you have me fumbling around with some really basic guitar technique I should've mastered decades ago. So that it wouldn't be too distracting, I provide overdubs of myself playing banjo and harmonica, two instruments I've never learned to play at all.

I was tempted to credit this to my long-threatened solo country alter-ego Waylon Yutani, but I've decided that, in general, taking on too many aliases for 39-40 would just create more confusion if the mp3's end up circulating elsewhere. Which of course they don't seem to be threatening to do, but principles prevail. Sometimes.

Personnel: Rex

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