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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

62. "Journey Inwards" by LTJ Bukem

During the 90s I listened to a lot of stuff like this. Some of it has held up better than the rest, but overall the vibe, which is its chief characteristic, of this kind of music has an oddly timeless feel to it. I've largely gone back to guitars, at least in terms of the music I create myself, but I still feel an attachment to this idiom as well.

This was an instance where, when I first listened to the track The Machine had selected for me, I immediately concocted a whole kitchen sink of strategies for remaking it. And then I used almost exactly none of them. I had just picked up an acoustic guitar to work out the chords, and laid down the part as a guide to the structure. But I liked what I heard, copied it and put a weird effect on it that could run in parallel to the clean track, picked a few odd drum loops, and suddenly I was hearing something that would've fit in just fine on one of those killer Ninja Tune compilations. I changed tactics accordingly.

The only thing that did make it through the process was the vocal hook. The original doesn't have one, but I thought my version should. I spent some time searching my mental hard drive for a soundbite or phrase which might reflect the title "Journey Inwards", and I landed on this image I'd done for a flyer many years ago, showing Amorfus the Jelly-Chimera and Little Miranda descending into some kind of post-narrative demimonde, drawn quite some time before my real daughter Miranda was born. Naturally I had to have her provide the voice for the character, and then we were 1/3 of the way to a Braine track. Ridley added percussion (with our now-signature DolphinSonic effect treatment) and Eden did a couple of viola tracks, and there you go.

This is so totally damned much better than my earlier electronica experiments on 39-40...

Miranda Broome ~ Dialogue
Ridley Broome ~ DolphinSonic percussion
Eden Hain ~ violas
Rex Broome ~ everything else

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