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Sunday, May 23, 2010

66. "Sweet Son of a Bitch" by Afghan Whigs

This literally came within seconds of sounding completely different. I actually recommend, as I usually don't, that you listen to my recording before you read this, so you can evaluate it on its own merits before the backstory ruins it forever.

Okay. Now, since the original is a very brief experimental sound collage, I was going to take this as an opportunity to once again demo one of my originals, and then, to be cute and rationalize it as a cover, take the original Afghan Whigs track, slow it down until it expanded from twenty-some seconds to nearly three minutes, and overlay that on my new tune, cleverly boasting that what could be a more complete "cover" than a recording which contained every last detail of the original, magnified and amplified? And I completed the demo for my original song, spending a particularly great deal of time and effort "perfecting" the drums. Then I respeeded the Whigs track and laid it over the whole thing.

But in listening to the respeeded track, I found that it... sounded pretty cool to me. And so did the drums I spent all that time on. So on a whim I muted everything but the drums and the slowed-down Whigs snippet, and I really really liked it. So that happened.

I was going to add some blatherings about how Afghan Whigs are a band I've always assumed I'd really get into heavily some day, but that day hasn't yet come. But enough navel-gazing already; I have to add vocals to the demo of the newly-minted song whose drum track you hear on this one. It's called "Norma Corona, What Have You Done?"...

Rex Broome ~ Assemblage and engineering-type stuff
Derek Hanna ~ Original drum tracks
Embodies the entirety of the recording "Sweet Son of a Bitch" by Afghan Whigs

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  1. Just came back to this one after months -- so fun!