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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

54. "Storm in My House" by Minutemen

Okay, this is getting ridiculous... The Machine is out to make it seem that all I ever listen to is Paul McCartney compositions, live Robyn Hitchcock, and lots of Minutemen. That's not the case, although one could do worse, and many people do.

In any case, this was fun-- I moved the action north from Pedro to the Sunset Strip and about twenty years earlier in time-- and it isn't a bad thing to be presented with multiple examples of what's great about a beloved artist in a short span of time. And in addition to marveling once again at the inventiveness and econo-my of the band... what a lyric this is. Hank Rollins gets a co-writing credit on this tune; never noticed that before. This song is from somewhere in the home stretch of the amazing Double Nickels on the Dime, which can't be recommended highly enough in this one reporter's opinion.

Technical irritation du jour... dammit, I can't seem to get my amplified guitar not to break up when mic'ing it any more. Bleh.

Rex ~ Musical shapes
Eden ~ Cover photo

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