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Monday, May 17, 2010

60. "Bury Me" by Dwight Yoakam

I'm not entirely sure what the story behind this Yoakam collection is... it's a bunch of acoustic performances, maybe demos, including some like this one which also appear on Guitars Cadillacs Etc. Etc.; the cassette belonged to my wife and she recalls it as being something she had before Dwight was signed, and the cassette itself bears this out if you, like me, are more familiar than you should be with what crappy blank cassettes which company was selling when during the period when a lot of companies were selling crappy cassettes. It should be noted that the two cheapos pictured here probably sold for enough cash to buy you like 25 CDRs today, and that's with no adjustment for inflation. We were gettin' screwed, is all I can say.

Say, you ask, are those real drums? Why, yes, they sort of conditionally are. In the course of collecting drum tracks from everywhere I could think of lately, I remembered that Skates & Rays had tracked but never mixed a bunch of tunes for Heckman's Christmas record a while back, and I still had the basic tracks. One of the tunes was a version of Neil Young's "Star of Bethlehem" which we'd radically made over into something that sounded like Neil Young playing one of his quiet songs louder. I was just looking into those tracks when The Machine threw this song, which has a similar rhythmic signature, at me to cover. Maybe half an hour's worth of editing Derek's drum track and I had this. Which is refreshing in the extreme.

Always fun to get to do the Thunderhill thing on the bass. Takes me back.

Derek Hanna ~ Drums
Rex Broome ~ Everything else

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  1. Do you have the rest of the Dwight songs? It would be so amazing if you could share them. :)