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Saturday, May 29, 2010

72. "Little Latin Lupe Lu" by The Righteous Brothers

I've never met Lisa Dunn... she lives in Morgantown, WV, and is a friend of Mr. Tom Heckman. One of the first decisions I made about how to cover this not exactly culturally progressive tune was to do it in Spanish, which I do not speak. I put out a call on Facebook to anyone who might be able to help on the vocals. Living as I do in a city where there are roughly equal amounts of Spanish and English speakers, I figured this would be easy, and so of course the first volunteer I got was from Appalachia. Which is just about absurd enough to be true. Tom recorded Ms. Dunn in Morgantown, sent the vocal along to me, and I built it from there.

The girls of Braine didn't end up being able to contribute nearly as much as I'd hoped. Perhaps as some form of compensation, I actually used MIDI for only the second time ever (at least in the way it's meant to be used)... the sequency stuff on yesterday's track was really my first attempt to use it sensible at all, and today's seemed to positively demand a horn line, so I gave it a shot. I guess I am belatedly picking up some musical skills these days. Old dog new tricks...

Lisa Dunn ~ Vocals and translation
Tom Heckman ~ Recording and engineering (WV)
Eden, Miranda, Ridley ~ Random musical contributions

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