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Saturday, May 22, 2010

65. "Perfume-V" by Pavement

I have kind of a thing about doing the same type of recording two days in a row, even when it makes sense, and now that I'm posting this one I think I should probably get over it because this might well have been more fun to listen to in the excessive mold of the MBV cover from yesterday. But I'm okay with how this turned out. It got a little more stark (not so much so that it was a skyscraper) but not cloyingly faux-rootsy. I sort of feel like that angle was covered when Nickel Creek did "Spit on a Stranger". Except in their case it wasn't faux, but you get the point.

Appropos to nothing, I don't think I realized that Nickelback wasn't Nickel Creek for quite some time. For a year or so I kept hearing people complain vociferously about what I thought was an unassuming little neo-bluegrass band and I just didn't get it. I still couldn't pick a Nickelback song out of a police lineup, which I suspect is the point, but at least I know they aren't the guys who did that Pavement cover.

Personnel: Rex

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